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Ukraine University

Ukraine University

Session Duration – the Year 2018-2022

Medical University in Ukraine’s education system is known for booming career’s and future development. All the Universities in Ukraine are of world class and all the universities of Ukraine come under the Bologna Agreement of European Credit transfer System. With almost 50 European countries, you’ll find end number of satisfactory popular Ukrainian universities where your future is secure. The below-mentioned list of Ukrainian universities that are widely spread across Europe including the directory of the Central European Universities, admitted to the European Association of International Education.

Aspirants studying in the mentioned Ukrainian universities can easily transfer to universities falling in countries like Western Europe, UK & USA. Medical Universities in Ukraine are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, USMLE & PLAB. The Specialists from these Universities are working in Western Europe, Uk & USA.


Recognized by the all European Union nations respective medical counsel Recognized in most countries at last for a limited registration You should Ask the authorities or professional bodies in the respective country for information about the condition for a full Registration and reorganization of the degree required to practice medicine. Medical & Dental Universities in Ukraine are Recognized by W.H.O And Medical &Dental Council Of :

MCI Recognized Foreign Universities link :

The Ministry of Education of Ukraine gives recognition to the Education Institutions in Ukraine

  • Medicine: the duration of the medical course is 6 years; degree awarded is a doctor of medicine (MD or MBBS);
  • Dental: duration of the dental course is 5 years; degree awarded is a bachelor of dentistry (BDS);
  • Pediatrics: the duration of the course is 6 years; degree awarded is a doctor of medicine (pediatrician);
  • Nursing: the duration of the course is 2 years; degree awarded is a bachelor of nursing.
  • Dental orthopedic: duration of the course is 2 years; degree awarded is a bachelor of dental orthopedic;
  • Postgraduate studies: duration of the study is 2-3 years;


1. FOR ODESA: 60% in PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) in Board exam of 10 +2 and good marks in English as a Compulsory subject. No Relaxation for a student who belongs to SC, ST, and OBC category.

2. FOR OTHER UNIVERSITIES: 50% in PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) in Board exam of 10 +2 and pass mark in English as a Compulsory subject. Relaxation to 40% for the student who belongs to SC, ST, and OBC category.

According to governmental regulations foreign students usually arrive for studying at Ukrainian educational institutions from the 15th of August till the 15th of November.

The academic year at the university consists of two parts:

  • 1st semester from September 1st till January 20th
  • 2nd semester from February 5th till July 1st

Winter holidays last for two weeks (from January 21st till February 4th).

Summer holidays last for two months (from July 1st till September 1st)

Students that will have to go through the language learning program arrive a bit later, but not later than November 15th, to start language classes.

List of Institutions in Ukraine University

S.No Name Location Year of Established
1 Odessa State Medical College Valikhovskiy lane, 2, Odessa 65026, Ukraine 1900
2 Kirovohrad Medical Institute Odesa, Ukraine. 1930
3 SUMY State Medical street Rimsky-Korsakov 2, Sumy, Ukraine 1948

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Can I enroll for a part time course in universities abroad ?

International students are not allowed to enroll for part-time courses.

Are students allowed to work during their studies abroad?

In most of the countries, students can work up to 20 hours a week during their academic term & 40 hours a week during their holidays. Countries like Singapore, does not allow part-time work to international students

Can I stay back after completing my studies?

After completion of the course, students are advised to return back to their home country. If you have been offered a full time job & have a valid visa to stay in the country you may do so.

For how long can I stay in the country on a student visa.

A student visa is normally valid for the duration of the course. You may get a grace period of 3-4 weeks to make arrangements for your return to home country.

What if I do not complete the course on time?

You need to get permission from your academic department to re-sit for the exams and also seek the help from the international office to get the visa extended for the required period of time.

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