Medical Education in Russia

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Medical Education in Russia


Higher medical education in Russia is only available to intramural students. Length of study depends on the medical specialty. For example, a bachelor’s degree in nursing care is awarded after four years of study. A surgeon’s diploma requires eight to nine years of study.

In the United States, medical students study for 12 to 18 years. Medical training lasts ten years in Great Britain and eight to ten years in Germany. A medical diploma in Canada requires four years of study at a medical school, and as many at a university. It is followed by three- to four-year internship, depending on specialty.

In Russia, entering a medical university is possible after finishing school. Universities offer programmes in Russian and English. If you do not speak Russian, you can learn it at a preparatory department or take a language course at leading medical universities. Aside from learning to speak Russian, preparatory departments train international students in other subjects to help them better prepare for future study.

Prospective students have to take exams in the key subjects, biology, and chemistry. A number of universities require taking additional entrance tests. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Business of Health Care programme in Russian requires applicants to take examinations in Russian, biology, and chemistry. The same programme in English requires taking biology and chemistry examinations.

Prospective students enrolling in General Medicine programme at Kazan Federal University, must take an English examination, in addition to chemistry and biology exams or present a TOEFL certificate. The University Admission Board provides the list of entrance tests to prospective students just before matriculation.

Medical Universities in Russia

Russia University

Medicine is one of the most popular study directions selected by international students at Russian universities. Russian universities have a rich history of training in medical specialties. The first medical college in Russia, Apothecary Chancery, was set up in the 17th century. At present, medical education is provided by more than 70 Russian universities.

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