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Medical College in Nepal


  • NEET Qualified
  • 10+2 in PCB individually 50% above
  • Overall 50% above

All Required documents and voucher/receipt of entrance examination fee mentioned in the prospectus must be uploaded while submitting the form.

Scanned copy of all original documents mentioned in the prospectus along with Bank Deposit Receipt of Entrance Examination and Counselling fee (non-refundable) must be submitted while submitting the online application form. Please read the prospectus carefully before filling the application form. 

Dates of Submission of Application Form Friday, 17th August to Monday, 17th September 2018
Entrance Examination and Counselling Fee
MBBS and BDS Programs Nepalese Nations Indian Candidates Foreign nationals other than Indians Exam & Counselling Fee
NRs 3,500/-
INR 3,500/-
US$ 100/-
B.Sc Nursing Program HSTFS and or PSTFS FTFS and or other schemes For Foreign Nationals (FTFS) Exam & Counselling Fee
NRs 3,500/-
NRs 5,000/-
US$ 100/-
BSc MIT ProgramHSTFS only HSTFS and FTFS For Foreign Nationals(FTFS) Exam & Counselling Fee
NRs 3,500/-
NRs 5,000/-
US$ 50/-
Submission of Application Form with late Processing Fee Tuesday, 18th September to Monday, 24th September 2018
Late Processing Fee (additional amount) For MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing and BSc MIT ProgramsNRs 2,000/- (for Nepali Nationals)

INR 2,000/- (for Indian Nationals)

US$ 35/- (For Foreign Nationals other than Indian Nationals)

The Name and online Application Registration ID of the candidate should be clearly mentioned in the Bank Voucher or SWIFT transfer document. Deposition of fees from India will be convenient if dine through SBI-NEPAL EXPRESS REMITTANCE OR INDO_NEPAL REMITTANCE. The entrance examination and counseling fees can be deposited at any of the following banks.

SN Name of the Bank A/C No. SWIFT Code
1. NIC Asia Bank Limited, Dharan 2303014805524004 NICENPKA
2. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal, Biratnagar 01-0256021-38 SCBLNPKA
3. Nepal SBI Bank Limited, Dharan  (Branch Code: SBIN0004430) 19035240100023 NSBINPKA

 The amount deposited into the account other than the above-mentioned account will not be valid. Other details are available in the Prospectus and Web page of BPKHIS entrance.bphiks.edu

Note: Due to overload on the server, you may encounter technical problems while filling the Online form on the last date of form submission. To avoid problems in submission. Please try to complete your online application before the last date.


Medical College in Nepal B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) was established on Jan 18, 1993, and subsequently upgraded as an autonomous Health Sciences University on Oct 28, 1998, with a mandate to work towards developing socially responsible and competent health workforce, providing health care & involving in innovative health research.

Postgraduate programs in medical (MD, MS, and MSc) were started in 1999. All the MD, MS, MDS, MSc and MPH degrees awarded by BPKIHS are recognized by Nepal Medical Council and respective councils of Nepal. The MD/MS degrees (anesthesiology, clinical pharmacology & therapeutics, dermatovenerology, ENT, internal medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, psychiatry, radiodiagnosis, and surgery) are recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI). Similarly, there is a continued effort for getting MCI recognition of other disciplines as well. While selecting candidates for MD/MS/MDS postgraduate studies, the institute has given due recognition to the medical graduates who have served in the primary health centers and /or district hospitals.

The School of Medical Public Health was established in 2005, and it runs a two-year MPH program. The MSc Nursing Program (in Community and Psychiatry Nursing) was started in 2008. Medical Councils of Nepal, India, and Sri-Lanka have recognized the MBBS program since its inception in 1994. It is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the WHO.

B.Sc. Nursing and Medical University Certificate Nursing (staff nurse) programs are well recognized and the alumni sought after within and outside the country. Nepal Nursing Council recognizes all the nursing degrees. There are separate college complexes for all constituent colleges in the BPKIHS campus.

Nepal Health Professional Council recognizes the health science courses allied to medicine. In addition, BPKIHS organizes short-term academic programs/refresher courses for national and international students, doctors, and faculty members. Continuing medical education on various aspects of health is a culture at BPKIHS.

Programs:  MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing and BSc MIT

Eligible candidates are invited to apply for admission in MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing and BSc MIT Programs for 2018 session. Details of eligibility, seas available, Fee structure, admission procedure and other information are mentioned in the prospectus. Please visit our Webpage: entrance.bpkihs.edu to download a prospectus and apply online.

Please contact the office of the Dean, Academic Administration, BPKIHS, Dharan

Direct Line: 00977-25-530735, 00977-025-525555, 521017

Ext. 2278, 5278, 5279, 4017, 5433) for further details if required

Call Us On 00977 9829357039

Address: hospital chowk, near a sanjivni hospital, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal

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Can I enroll for a part time course in universities abroad ?

International students are not allowed to enroll for part-time courses.

Are students allowed to work during their studies abroad?

In most of the countries, students can work up to 20 hours a week during their academic term & 40 hours a week during their holidays. Countries like Singapore, does not allow part-time work to international students

Can I stay back after completing my studies?

After completion of the course, students are advised to return back to their home country. If you have been offered a full time job & have a valid visa to stay in the country you may do so.

For how long can I stay in the country on a student visa.

A student visa is normally valid for the duration of the course. You may get a grace period of 3-4 weeks to make arrangements for your return to home country.

What if I do not complete the course on time?

You need to get permission from your academic department to re-sit for the exams and also seek the help from the international office to get the visa extended for the required period of time.

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